In Past Projects

We partnered with artists, historians and others to acknowledge Lewis & Clarks expedition’s visit. For this project, we participated in both the planning and funding.

Planning began by identifying river locations to help “tell the story” of Lewis & Clark’s visit. At each location, a large, artist designed, 12 foot high, precast monument was erected. Every monument differed, but each incorporated a center banner designed for unique art work. Additionally, at each location, historic signage was installed specifically detailing the “story to be told” there.

For each monument, a different local artist was then selected to incorporate original art into the monument’s banner area. Many of the artists engaged with local groups, including schools, in planning their art. As a result, each monument is unique, both in size and subject.

Monuments are located at Miller’s Landing Park, Boyer Chute, Lewis & Clark Park, Dodge Riverside Golf Course, Levi Carter Park, Haworth Park, the Western Historic Trial Center, Lewis & Clark Landing and Lauritzen Gardens.

Project Partners: National Park Service, P-MRNRD, City of Omaha, Lewis & Clark Challenge Program.

Estimated Financial Support: Back to the River: $20,000
Estimated Total Project Cost: $150,000

Year: 2004

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