In Past Projects

As work began on the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, one element was missing. The original design called for the bridge’s 200 foot high pylons to be topped with colored lights. These lights, however, were not included in the bridge’s final package. We partnered with Omaha to add this critical item.

Once a preliminary design was completed, we assisted with the City’s fund raising effort. Eventually, Gallup expressed interest. Their donation, however, required payment over a five year period. Since immediate funding was necessary, accepting Gallup’s donation was not possible. We solved this problem by agreeing to advance Gallup’s total donation, which they repaid over a five year period.

Once completed, these lights provided the visual “cap” to the twin spire pylons. In 2021, Omaha further upgraded the pylon lights and added controllable, colored lights to illuminate the cable stays.

Project Partners: Scott Foundation, Gallup, City of Omaha, others.

Estimated Financial Support: Back to the River – $250,000
Estimated Total Project Cost: $450,000,000

Year: 2007

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