In Past Projects

The Omaha Chamber of Commerce led this effort to improve Riverfront program offerings. We were a financial partner and participated in the study. For this effort, the Chamber enlisted assistance from the Urban Land Institute. The Institute met with public and private agencies engaged in Riverfront programming activities. Eventually, they issued a report highlighting strengths, opportunities and recommendations.

To Implement the Institute’s recommendations and coordinate Riverfront programming, the Missouri River Commons group was formed. We were represented on this group and participated in its funding. The group hired an Executive Director and the Chamber agreed to support the initiative with office support and space.

Several activities and programs were initiated by this group. A major accomplishment was the completion of a Riverfront Event Facilities booklet. This document provided detailed information of our Riverfront public facilities, providing everything any event promoter might need to find the ideal location.

Project Partners: Omaha Chamber of Commerce, Cities of Omaha & Council Bluffs, Downtown Omaha, Inc., MECA, Con Agra, MAPA, P-MRNRD, others.

Estimated Financial Support: Back to the River – $60,000
Estimated Total Project Cost: $675,000

Year: 2014, 2016

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