In Past Projects

Partnering with Bellevue Rocks! Riverfront Festival allows us to support a free event bringing 50,000 visitors to Bellevue’s Riverfront, and we have history with this celebration’s site.  We supported the acquisition of the Kramer Power Plant, which Bellevue converted to American Heroes Park and now hosts Bellevue Rocks! Riverfront Festival.   

In its third year, Bellevue Rocks! Riverfront Festival has become a regional attraction.  Sponsored by the Bellevue Community Foundation, in coordination with the City of Bellevue, the 2023 event will be held in American Heroes Park, June 8th-11th.  Music will be a major attraction and the Park’s stage will host both national and local performers.  This Riverfront event is family oriented and features actives and offerings for all ages including carnival rides, games, food and fireworks.  There is no charge to attend.    

In 2003, this portion of the riverfront was occupied by an eyesore – the Kramer Power Plant.  Today, that Plant’s been replaced by American Heroes Park which provides sports fields, a lake, fountain, trails, a War Memorial and it hosts the Bellevue Rocks! Riverfront Festival.  We’re proud to be a partner in this unique Missouri River success story.

Project Partners:  Bellevue Community Foundation, City of Bellevue, P-MRNRD, DJ’s Dugout, Keno Casino, Belle Vue Downs Racetrack, Beardmore Subaru, others.

Estimated Financial Support:   Back to the River – $10,000.00

Estimated Total Project Cost:   $225,000.00

Year:  2023


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