In Past Projects

This study fostered the eventual construction of the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. The need for a river crossing, tying together the trail system projected on both side of the river, was well documented. Our prior Trail and River Crossing Plan had not only solidified the need but established possible locations.

The study’s challenge was not only where to make the connection – but how. The Study Group reviewed other similar success stories. Three river crossing methods were evaluated. For each method, consultants provided preliminary design along with estimated construction, maintenance and operation costs.

The first method for pedestrian river crossing was by ferry. Several existing similar pedestrian ferry operations were studied.

Another option for crossing the Missouri was by gondola. These installations, first used on the ski slopes, had also found their way into other urban pedestrian transportation projects.

Finally, construction of a bridge was analyzed.

Following a review of all options, the Committee recommended a free standing pedestrian bridge as the most viable method for connecting the two sides of the Missouri River. Additional preliminary engineering was accomplished and used to pursue funding.

Project Partners: All Back to the River Partners, MAPA, National Park Service

Estimated Total Project Cost: $100,000

Year: 1998

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