In Past Projects

Back to the River began as a loosely formed group of agencies, representing both sides of the river, and interested in coordinating and cooperating in their Missouri River efforts. As the group began to meet, it became clear a framework and parameters need to be established.

The Back to the River Master Plan was the first step in formalizing the group’s operating framework. The plan evaluated membership, discussed geographical boundaries and provided operational recommendations.

At that time, many METRO agencies had turned their interest to trail development. Clearly, the Missouri River’s banks provide ideal opportunities for an extended, connected trail system.

This plan also researched and identified prior plans for Riverfront trail locations and, for the first time, illustrated how an entire trail system might be constructed along the Missouri.

Project Partners: All Back to the River Partners.

Estimated Financial Support: Back to the River – $40,000
Estimated Total Project Cost: $40,000

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