In Past Projects

Acquisition of additional property and improvement of access roads are among the projects we’ve supported for the Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge was established to recover fish and wildlife habitat in and along the Missouri River and to restore a natural environment that became scarce when the river was altered for navigation over 50 years ago. It exemplifies our core vision and goals.

When the Krimlofski property became available, offering an opportunity for the Refuge to expand, we supported it. And when the popularity of Boyer Chute eventually grew and required improvement of the County road serving it, our Founder, Senator Bob Kerrey, lead a Washington based effort, eventually providing Federal funding for road improvements.

Today, Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge provides visitors an opportunity to experience rare Missouri River floodplain habitats. These diverse prairies, floodplain forests, wetlands and riverine habitats provide for the needs of many threatened and endangered species. The Refuge provides wildlife recreation and education opportunities to the surrounding Metro area.

Project Partners: Fontenelle Forest, P-MRNRD, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Washington County, Ducks Unlimited, others.

Estimated Financial Support: Back to the River – $25,000
Estimated Total Project Cost: $1,000,000

Year: 2019

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