In Past Projects

School children, local agencies and a Lewis & Clark group teamed with us to imagine, fund and build this unique attraction. The Children’s Art wall combines public art and historic education. Its completion highlighted Sarpy County’s Lewis & Clark Bicentennial celebration.

The Children’s Wall is an interpretative art piece constructed in Bellevue’s Hayworth Park. The art work was contributed by elementary school students in communities along the routes of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Each student’s work was reproduced on tiles and arranged geographically from Illinois to Oregon. The wall is comprised of 750 of these tiles. It stands 8 foot high and is 65 feet long.

In 2011, we again turned our attention to the Children’s Wall when waters of a 100 year flood reached the foot of the wall. As a result, the wall was relocated within Hayworth Park. We managed this process and partnered with Bellevue to fund it.

Project Partners: Sarpy County, the County’s Lewis & Park Committee, P-MRNRD, City of Bellevue, others.

Estimated Financial Support: Back to the River – $37,960
Estimated Total Project Cost: $290,000

Year: 2005 and 2012

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