In Past Projects

We sponsored a fifteen-week interdisciplinary service-learning design studio with the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Iowa State University and Saski.  Students from landscape architecture, architecture, and community and regional planning were engaged with stakeholders during a five-phase process. The five phases included establishing the partnership, principle-based inventory and analysis, a green infrastructure framework plan, prototypical design projects, and final documentation.

Throughout this process, the role of the landscape architecture studios was dynamic and extensive; from establishing a partnership with BttR as well as a diverse stakeholder group of 20 community leaders and professionals; to developing an interconnected open space system improving the quality of life through the enhancement of ecological services. A detailed analysis of these complex systems lead the studios to redefine the study from a river restoration and flood prevention effort to a comprehensive integrated green infrastructure strategy necessary to achieve greater impact within the community.

The development of a green infrastructure vision focused on the reciprocal relationship between development and conservation. Input from stakeholders and an expert panel, helped students develop a consensus of goals and objectives that guided the creation of the green infrastructure framework plan, outlining specific long- range challenges and solutions to new and existing development. Lastly, studio demonstrated flood resilient green infrastructure strategies through priority projects ranging in scale from trail network and floodplain master plan to district, corridor, and site design.

Project Partners: University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Iowa State University, Sasaki

Estimated Financial Support: Back to the River – $25,000
Estimated Total Project Cost: $47,797

Year: 2012

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