In Past Projects

During his time as a U. S. Senator, Bob Kerrey championed initiatives to address reoccurring property flooding along the Missouri River. To address this issue, the Papio-Missouri Natural Resource District joined with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the City of Bellevue and Sarpy County to purchase property and clear houses from the banks of the Missouri River, in three communities prone to flooding.

Purchases of Holub’s Place and other properties transpired over twenty years. In 2012, Sarpy County and the Papio Missouri Natural Resource District and FEMA initiated a $3 million buyout plan. In 2015, a later $1.5 million purchase of the Iske Place properties finalized the effort to secure these properties and relocate their owners. Senator Kerrey supported the effort with FEMA grants to purchase the individual properties and relocate its residents.

Project Partners: P-MRNRD, Sarpy County, City of Bellevue, Environmental Trust, FEMA, others.

Estimated Financial Support: Back to the River – Federal Funding by Bob Kerrey
Estimated Total Project Cost: $4,500,000

Year: 1996 – 2015

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