In Past Projects

Some of our partnerships brought unique activities to the Riverfront. One such project, Sand in the City, was produced by the Nebraska Children’s Home Society’s and gave thousands of visitors an opportunity to “play in the sand” along Omaha’s Riverfront.

This program began with the delivery of over 300 tons of sand, transforming a portion of the Riverfront into a mini beach! Once the sand was in place, local corporations, community teams, service clubs, over 150 volunteers and master sand sculptors sculptured the sand into temporary works of art.

A-Marhoon with the NCHS, suggested “Sand in the City appeals to all ages because everyone enjoys playing in the sand!” The general public watched the process, inspected the sculptures and eventually voted on a “People’s Choice” award winner.

During the event, concessions, musical acts and other family friendly activities were offered.  

The project’s sponsor, the Nebraska Children’s Home Society, provides year-round services to children and families throughout Nebraska.

Project Partners: Nebraska Children’s Home Society, Millard Rotary Club, others.

Estimated Financial Support: Back to the River – $5,000
Estimated Total Project Cost: $18,000

Year – 2005

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